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 Did you know when you experience a loss covered by your Property Insurance Policy, its your primary obligation and your duty to, report and prove your loss? Owners need to make damaged property available for inspection by the insurance company.

Licensed  Metro Public Adjusters; your advocate working your  behalf.
Our expert  team includes  adjusters, structural engineers and other experts meeting property owner's obligation to prove the loss; defending the claim.

Insurance company's adjusters work for the Insurance company not you. The insurance company's adjuster's job is   to limit the dollar amount of the loss (their phrase "Controlling Loss Severity")

Avoid costly pitfalls. Maximize your claim settlement. Engage  us for Policy Review.  Metro Public Adjusters strive to  “Educate &Protect Policy Holders



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 SHORT SALES; Many lenders participate in  short sale. Federal Reserve has stream lined methods with short sale programs. Call us and to work with your lender and their short sale program.
 Most lenders now work with sellers in cancellation of certain over hanging mortgage debt.

Taxable debt forgiveness?? Until recently mortgage, debt forgiveness resulted in taxable income. Under the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act  you may be able to exclude up to $2 million of debt on your principal residence.
Timing is critical when managing Tax Liens solutions. Tax liens are not processed like mortgage foreclosure cases. Tax  foreclosure cases are straight forward. Your property is lost once the final judgment is entered. Entry of a final judgment in real estate tax foreclosure cases serves to transfer title of the property to the foreclosing plaintiff.



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The accelerated selling method is  auction marketing.  Auctions provide the full transparency certain situations require, such as in probate or trust sales and divorce settlements.

 Corporate portfolio sales and bankruptcies can be accomplished more effectively than in traditional negotiated sales. Auctions may be the best valid forum to find  true market value for many properties.

The accelerated sale offer sellers two factors that are missing from the traditional negotiated sales process: a set time frame and control over the sales process. In a marketplace where value is uncertain and sales are slow, auctions demonstrate where market equilibrium should settle.

 Auctions marketing turns assets into cash for clients efficiently, effectively and in a short period of time.